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David Markus, Director at COMBO

About David's business:

Combo is a leading, multi award winning, IT services firm that strives to help people in business by implementing and supporting technology that creates value. Since 2002 Combo has traded in Fitzroy North supporting local businesses at first, before expanding to support businesses across Australia. We know that computer down time has a massive cost to business and aim to provide IT that makes sense so that businesses can improve productivity and competitiveness in this era of rapid change and new opportunities.


Why did you join the Business Advisory Group?

I am passionate about technology having a positive effect on the local business community and the larger community. The BAG provides me an opportunity to share my knowledge and opinion with the leaders of our local community and influence outcomes through contribution of ideas.

What do you consider are the top three issues facing businesses in Yarra?

1. Competitive forces locally and abroad forcing rapid change
2. Holding on to business zoned spaces against residential developers
3. Cost of doing business in inner city Melbourne (rent, parking, staff, travel etc)

What is great about doing business in the City of Yarra?

1. Close proximity to home/schools for kids
2. Great public transport for staff
3. Thriving retail for food and shopping making it appealing to staff
4. Vibrant trendy environment, parks and gardens, close to CBD but not in it.



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